Sunday, May 1, 2011

About LCCI

What is this course about?
LCCI is a UK-based qualifying body offering courses in Financial, English Language, Business Administration & Secretarial, Marketing & Customer Service, and Information Technology. You will be equipped with the necessary business skills and abilities to succeed in today’s demanding commercial environment.
You can also use the LCCI qualification to enter a professional accounting body’s programme on course to becoming a professional accountant.

What subjects will I be taking?
Depending on the course you are taking, some of study areas are as follows:-
Book-Keeping and Accounts
Computerised Accounting
Business Calculations

English Language
English Tests and Senior English Tests (JETSET)
Spoken English for Commerce and Industry (SEFIC)
Written English for the Tourism Industry (WEFT)

Business Administration & Secretarial
Business Administration
Business Practice
Business and Industrial Administration

Marketing & Customer Service
Customer Service
Public Relations

Information Technology
Practical ICT Skills
Using the Internet

How long is this course?
The recommended study time frame is one year.

What are the skills and characteristics I need for this course?
You should be good with numbers and calculations, analytical, strategic-thinking and have problem-solving skills. Additionally, you should be dynamic in keeping up with the accelerating change of the business world at both local and international levels.

Where do I go after my qualification?
With a qualification in Financial, you can move into another professional accounting body such as ACCA, CIMA, CPA, ICAEW and AIA and pursue their path to professional accountant status.
With a qualification in English Language, Business Administration & Secretarial, Marketing & Customer Service, and Information Technology, you are ready to enter the job market.

What can I do with a qualification in LCCI?
You can find a job in the field of Finance, Business Administration & Secretarial, Marketing & Customer Service, and Information Technology where your qualification will be highly valued by employers.

Salary Scale
Depending on where and which line you choose to work, a job as an Accountant can fetch you from RM 30,000 to RM 60,000 per annum. A Business Manager is projected to earn from RM 5,000 to RM 7,200 per month. While a Marketing Manager can earn from RM 4,500 to RM 6,500 per month.

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